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Upcoming events

    • 27 Sep 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Central Gallery, TMAG
    • 41


    Giant Eucalyptus Specimen Archive: urgent conservation of samples from ancient trees

    Project update by Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness, Giant Tree Expeditions, with the support of TMAG’s Jayne Wilson Bursary Grant and the Tasmanian Herbarium

    The 2018 Riveaux fire in Tasmania’s south was a wake-up call: our window of opportunity to study the remaining ancient trees may be closing quickly. These long-lived giant trees hold in their physical form genetic and chemical information that may be unlocked by future scientists, and the Herbarium is the safest place for these samples to be held into the future.

    In this floor talk at TMAG’s Central Gallery, YD Bar-Ness will introduce the project, the individual trees, and the Herbarium collections, and describe the catastrophic backstory to this project and the lessons learnt.

    YD Bar-Ness is a forest canopy ecologist and science tourism entrepreneur. Originally from Silicon Valley, he conducted the first on-ropes study of treetop biodiversity in Tasmania’s giant eucalyptus forests, and has conducted a national-scale survey of landmark trees across India.

    This is a FREE EVENT and you are welcome to bring non-member friends.

    • 11 Oct 2023
    • 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Departs Hobart 8.30am
    • 29

    John Glover's Patterdale

    Wednesday 11 October, 8.30am–6pm  

    John Glover was one of the first painters to truly see the Australian landscape. Take a bus trip to his home with the Friends and see where he lived and painted. The house he built at Patterdale had fallen into decay, but has been restored, and the garden he planted and painted has been recreated in the spirit of Glover.

    Our bus will leave Hobart at 8.30am from Wrest Point Casino car park, arriving at Patterdale for lunch and tours. Visitors will be able to take a gentle ten minute walk from the house to see where My Harvest Home was painted, and for speedy walkers there are more distant painting sites to visit too.

    The bus will get us home at around 6pm.

    Members $100, Non members $130 
    includes bus and lunch at Patterdale

    • 28 Oct 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Central Gallery, TMAG
    • 88


    Benjamin Duterrau (1768–1851) and his Huguenot background in London

    Benjamin Duterrau was born in Soho, the son of Benjamin Duterrau, and the elder brother of John Duterrau, watchmaker, who worked in partnership with Francis Perigal and obtained a royal patent from King George III in 1799. Benjamin’s great grandfather Ferdinand Duterrau came to London from Fribourg, Switzerland by 1709, when he stood godfather at the Huguenot L’Eglise des Grècs, Hog Lane, Soho. He worked as a tailor in Rose Street, Soho. By 1809 Duterrau and Perigal were at the fashionable address 62 New Bond Street. Benjamin’s first cousin John Francis inherited the firm of Perigal and Duterrau after Francis Perigal’s death in 1817. John Francis also enjoyed royal patronage from King George IV in 1820 and King William IV in 1830.

    The Huguenot watchmaking community in London was established in the 16th century but grew in number and influence, playing a leading role in the formation of the Clockmakers’ Guild in the 1630s. As persecution of the Protestants in France gathered momentum during the reign of Louis XIV, hundreds of Huguenot watchmaking families left their regional city homes in Blois, Dieppe and Rouen for refuge abroad in Amsterdam, London and Geneva. Tessa Murdoch will place this London-based French community of craftsmen in an international context, illustrating the life and times of the Duterrau family and their Huguenot contemporaries. 


    Dr Tessa Murdoch FSA worked at the Museum of London 1981–1990 and at the V&A 1990–2021. Her recent publications are Europe Divided: Huguenot Refugee Art and Culture (V&A, 2021) and as consultant on Great Irish Households: Inventories from the long eighteenth century (John Adamson, 2022). For Bloomsbury, she is co-editing with Dr Heike Zech A Cultural History of Craft in the Age of Enlightenment for publication in 2024.

    Tessa advises the National Trust and the National Heritage Memorial Fund, is a Board Member of the Idlewild Trust, and currently serves as Chair of the Trustees of the Huguenot Museum. She is a member of the Contemporary Craft Committee at the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. She also serves the Arts Council Acceptance in Lieu Panel.


    This is a FREE EVENT and you are welcome to bring non-member friends.

    Above: Noon (detail) From The Four Times of Day, William Hogarth, London, 1736–7Oil on canvas, 76.8 x 63.2 cmThe Trustees of the Grimsthorpe and Drummond Castle Trust

    Huguenots emerging from Sunday morning service in L’Eglise des Grècs, Hog Lane, Soho. Disorderly Londoners on the other side of the gutter contrast with the soberly dressed Huguenots who demonstrate mutual affection as they emerge from midday worship. 

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25 Jun 2014 Tour of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)
31 May 2014 Opening of Pat Brassington: À Rebours
25 May 2014 Second Tour of Shene Estate and Afternoon Tea
04 May 2014 Tour of Shene Estate and Afternoon Tea
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